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A message from our Founder

Thank you for registering on my platform, I hope that you will enjoy everything about Beauhème as much as I do.

As a beautyholic myself, I often found myself browsing through images on the internet, loving some of the work published by very creative beauty artists or nail technicians, but never able to find somebody that can be as creative and just create something amazing. As I have learned along the way, the beauty industry is so competitive and with technology changing daily, you have to stay up to date with what customers are looking for and what you are offering. That is why I developed this marketplace.

This platform was created for the entire beauty industry including nail technicians, massage therapists, hair stylists and make up artists and not forgetting all our male groomers.  The initial idea behind the development, was to give customers options to choose from different service providers by not only comparing quality and creativity but by comparing prices as well.  I very soon realized that we can offer this industry something completely different and put the power of financial freedom in the hands of the beauty therapist, nail technician etc.

Beauhème offers beauty service providers an opportunity to new clients by offering services in the comfort of the clients home or in a professional environment.  Clients who are getting married for example would need the service of a mobile salon to beautify them at the venue, the convenience of the service you are offering is now just a click away. Beauty salons can increase their profit by letting empty areas in their salons to Beauhème registered service providers. You will not only increase your profits, but you will get exposure to clientele as well.

Clients on the other hand have the option to book a pamper party, male clients can book a grooming session in the comfort of their own home. You can book your favorite nail technician to come to you or you can choose to book at a professional salon.

Thank you for subscribing to our newsletter. We hope that you enjoy everything about Beauhème as much as we do.

Yours sincerely,

Leoni Augustyn-Taljaard
Managing Director